Welcome to the lab!

Welcome to the webpage of Gomez-Nicola’s lab at Biological Sciences of the University of Southampton (UK).

Our lab is interested in the understanding of the multicellular response of the CNS to injury or neurodegeneration, aiming at providing an integrative and detailed study of the functions and cross-regulation of the different cell components during neuropathology.

The goal of our current research is to study the roles of microglia, the brain’s main myeloid cells, during chronic neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The expansion of the microglial population is a hallmark of neurodegeneration and contributes to the development of the pathology. A detailed understanding of the molecules and mechanisms orchestrating microglial proliferation could open a window to elaborate therapeutic approaches to control the neuroinflammatory component of the disease.

We are also interested in the study of the dynamics and regulation of adult neurogenesis during neurodegeneration. Understanding of the basic mechanisms regulating the generation of new functional neurons could provide useful ways to improve functional recovery during chronic neurodegenerative diseases.